Thursday, December 6, 2012

will be heading to tokyo~!!

i am so excited for japan, i can't even begin explaining the way i'm feeling right now.
i miss all my friends, my host family and everyone so so so much~ i just can't wait to see them all again!


  1. Have fun and make lots of vlogs for us :D

  2. Please make a lot of Volgs!! I really enjoyed your adventure in Japan

  3. ahhh I'm so jealous I bet Tokyo is very awesome!! But anyways ganbatte .. make some vlogs!!!(>.<)

  4. Have Fun seeing your friends and host family again! haha I'm so happy for you!!!
    can you make videos with them again pleaseeeeee??? it would be so awesome seeing you guys reunite again!!!!!!! hahaha like I said I'm very excited!!!!! haha