Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Weight Journey

For most of my life, I have struggled with my weight. I've always felt ugly, uncomfortable and unhappy with myself. I basically accepted the fact that I would be fat forever and no guys will ever like me. 3 years ago, when I hit my all time highest 88kg, I made the decision to do something about it. I must say I've tried almost every diet: yoghurt only diet, no dinner diet, no meat diet, low calorie diet etc. With inconsistent light exercise here and there, I manage to somehow lose 10 kilos. However from here I hit a plateau, no matter what I did, I could not lose the weight and as time went on, it was harder and harder to resist the temptations around me.

Decided that it was time to get some professional help. My mum agreed and I signed up for Jenny Craig. Through Jenny, I managed to lose another 8 kilos in 4 months. Jenny's program was easy to follow but after so many months, their menu was getting boring and it was getting more and more expensive. So I left, weighing at 70kg.

After that, I went to Japan for an exchange. I thought I did well with my weight loss but seeing all the skinny Japanese girls, I felt really big and uncomfortable. I started dieting again. My usual bento was twice the size of what a girl would normally eat so I told my host mum to make me a very small bento instead to bring to school so that my girl friends wouldn't laugh at me. I ate less overall and went to the school gym once in a while to tone up my body (and check out boys haha). Over the year, without trying too hard, I managed to shed another 10 kilos, bringing me to my current weight of 60kg. Of course I have had my ups and downs, I even rebounded back to 66kg once but I managed to shed back to 60kg.

I feel better, and I really don't think I look all that bad. But still I know it's not quite enough for what I want to do. And so, as of today, I have made my mind to seriously start my diet again!

10 kilos in 2 months, in preparation for a very important meeting.



  1. 頑張ってねヽ(´▽`;)/♪ れいちゃん :)

  2. It's awesome you want to do this to better yourself but know you are beautiful, talented, an inspiration, and one cool lady:) I wish you the best in your journey! <3 <3 <3

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  4. Aww, Rei-chan! You're such an inspiration to me!
    I know exactly how you feel and it sucks even more when all your friends around you are pretty much half your weight.
    I too have decided to get professional help and I'm so glad I did!
    Let's do our best together! :D <3

  5. You're such an inspiration >w< I'm also bigger than most of my friends but sadly I don't have the motivation/determination to diet for long :S
    Food you know...It's amazing...

  6. I feel the same way. I always try to go on diets but end up giving into temptation do to my family eating yummy food around me. Blogilates on youtube has good workouts and meal plans that do not leave you hungry. She is what I use. Good Luck! :D

  7. Nooo Rachel, you are the cutest, sweetest girl I've ever know! Please don't feel bad about yourself :( Appearances can change, and it really doesn't matter when you have such a great personality! Bet there are lots of guys who are into you already ;)

    If it helps, I was once overweight, tried everything nothing worked, then I forgot about it altogether and absorbed myself in the busy life in university. Without knowing, I just lost weight, lot more than when I was on diets! So don't push yourself too hard consciously. If you get busy, you'll automatically lose weight. But really, I think you are perfect already :)

  8. OMG! 88kg? That's exactly what I weigh right now. I've been on a diet for a while but I'm slowly giving up. And then I read this and I see your photos and videos of how you look now... it's amazing! You've given me a new motivation! THANK YOU!

  9. I know exactly how you feel :(
    I can definitely relate
    I want you to know that you're beautiful no matter how you look and that if you show to others what you are on the inside, it becomes your appearance. Losing weight is okay but being HEALTHY is what it's all about! :D
    You are an inspiration to me.

    Most of my life, I was teased about my weight. I hit 84 kg when I was only 14 years old. I still remember being teased by other kids and calling me ugly. Being asian, it's inevitable feeling fat since everyone is so skinny compared to me. I looked up to Japanese idols since I also like to sing. I tried diets that my mom would pay for like these chocolate bars that would help me keep full but they never worked. I started doing workout videos but only once in a while and they would leave me exhausted, I would temporarily feel better but then I indulge myself in food again. It's not like I only ate food that was bad for me like chips, candies, and other fatty foods. My problem was that I ate too much of everything and I wasn't portioning. I'd eat a bag of chips then open another bag. I'd eat a meal and then before you know it I'm eating a snack already. It's like I never felt full unless I felt really bad about myself. Nowadays, people exaggerate saying everyone feels that way and you see people call themselves fat but they don't know the real side of it. I lived like that everyday.

    When I started high school, (I know this is kind of silly) I began admiring this boy so I had this resolution that I was gonna become a better person by losing weight. So I did. Later on, it wasn't just to make myself feel pretty but to boost my confidence and stop being self-deprecating. I'd rather feel healthy and happy than leaving myself to be overweight and depressed over it. Green tea became my best friend. Over the summer, I drank it everyday. I did hip hop inspired workouts every 2 days so I would have rest days as well. I believe that pacing is important and no one should overwork themselves. By exercising (especially in the afternoon) it helps control your hunger to eat a lot of snacks during the time between lunch and dinner. I'm not sure how that works but that's what helped me stop eating so much in the afternoon ^^ I lost 9 kg over that summer and continued on.

    I'm still not exactly skinny like asian girls but I can definitely say I'm healthy in American standards (it's where I live anyway) lol
    I'm glad you feel beautiful because you ARE.

    (sorry for the long comment, I feel so strongly about this topic)