Saturday, November 24, 2012

Kizuna Project Pre-Departure Orientation and Dinner~

Hello guys!

Today~ I attended the pre-departure orientation and dinner for the Kizuna Project which was held at the consul-general's home! May I just say how gorgeous his home was? Absolutely beautiful!!

There is a total of 6 university students (2x UWA, 2x Curtin, 1x Murdoch, 1x ECU) selected from Western Australia to participate in the Kizuna Project. At the orientation, there were also about ~30 high school students who were also chosen to participate in the program! Their itinerary was essentially the same as ours except that they leave earlier and come back earlier.

This orientation, although informative, I must say was more for the high school students. I did feel a lil out of place but still it's a privilege to be at the consul-general's house :P We we able to have a chat with the consul-general and was given a small souvenir gift.

The best part of this for me was the soba demostration towards the end~ The lady is originally from the Fukushima Prefecture, and when the March 11 Tsunami disaster struck, her soba shops were destroyed. Because there was a lack of food supply at the time of the disaster, she took whatever buckwheat flour she had left from her shop and turn them into delicious soba noodles for the survivors of the disaster.

Later, when it was time for dinner, along with other Japanese goodies, we got to taste the soba made the lady~ yum yum yum it was sooooo goooood!!

cold soba <3 <3

assorted sushiiiii


vegetable tempura yumm


I had a really good time, met lots of new people and made a new friend from my university~
Can't wait to take off~ counting down 14 days!!


p.s sorry for the blurry photos here and there... I'm still a beginner^^

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