Sunday, November 11, 2012

a little update^^

1) i've booked my tix from perth to singapore with tiger airlines: AUD 222.00
i've booked my tix from singapore to shanghai with malaysia airlines: AUD 218.00
will be booking my tix from shanghai to tokyo or osaka within the next few days depending on whether or not my cousin comes with me.. if he does, i'll be heading into tokyo, if not i'm going straight to osaka.. soo hopefully he can and then i will have the excuse to go to tokyo hehe

my friends stole my camera and took pictures with it~ good memories~~~

2) a month back, i entered this japanese language video making competition where you have to make a video incorporating the use of japanese language.. i entered a vid of me singing my original song 'ano koro kimi to'.. and i won hehe

"And finally, Rachel Ong of the University of Western Australia left us speechless with a stunning performance of her beautiful original song in Japanese."

3) the other day, my club 'korean cultural club' (kcc) had its final annual general meeting of the year where we had to handover of the club to the new committee of 2013~ bittersweet i must say.. sad to give up but glad and proud to passover something that i've created *sobs* kcc has really become something big! even though there were many hard times, i'm glad to have been part of it :)

my 2012 exec girls ^^~ thanks so much for being there for me and with me~
2012 committee~
2012 & 2013 committee ^^
4) what else.. yesterday we had to decorate my workplace with christmas deco... tiring but good fun~~ and i got my paycheck 2 days ago.. am pretty happy about it :P gotta keep working hard and save up as much as i can for japan woohoo!! in case you didn't already know.. i work at a board game cafe where i teach people how to play board games.. i admit i'm better at making the coffees than teaching people how to play games tho :P i love my job, my bosses, my colleagues~

well, that's all for now! 

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  1. A board game cafe sounds cool haha. I don't think there's such a thing in America.