Sunday, April 6, 2014

Turning into a fitness junkie..

I feel GREAT!

It's been almost 2.5 months since I joined the gym and I'm feeling better with every session. I've joined many gyms in my life with goals of losing weight, but like every other time, I stopped going before my gym membership even expired. This time round, I told myself I would be committed.

The gym I joined was pricey. It's about 8000 yen a month, closes once a week, and isn't even 24 hours like all the other gyms I've ever joined back in Australia. In regardless, I signed up for 6 months. I'm not going to lie.. the first few weeks were hard. I really thought that I would give up again and that my money was going to go to waste. All I could think of when walking on the treadmill was simply how much I hated exercising. But being a super cheapskate, I wouldn't let myself waste the money I spent so I would literally force myself each time to go to the gym. Although I dreaded every session, I told myself to go. I told myself to try attending the classes the gym was running. For me, the gym was the place where I was the ugliest. My hair was gross, my face was gross. I wore the ugliest clothes and shoes that didn't fit. Even though I was not overweight or anything anymore, my self-esteem hasn't really crossed over from when I used to be fat. I still really didn't like myself and for me, the gym was not a place where I looked good. No one is supposed to look good exercising.. especially for a girl like me with wobbly bits all over. eek!

For the first 1.5 months.. being a cheapskate, I attended various classes. My gym offered all sorts of classes like the well known 'Zumba' and all sorts of other cardio and aerobics classes. One type of classes that my gym offers, which is also my favourite, are the classes that are based on this American fitness system called "Best Fitness Systems".

  1. Group Step/Blast (classes with step platforms), 
  2. Group Power (weights training), 
  3. Group Kick (body combat), 
  4. Group Active (all-in-one), 
  5. Group Centergy (yoga and balance), 
  6. and Group Groove (dance-based). 

I remember how much I was struggling in the first few classes.. I was struggling with the Japanese used and I was not used to moving so many limbs at the same time and at such quick pace. I was embarrassed about moving my body and jumping around with all my wobbly bits. I couldn't stand looking myself in the mirrors. BUT, every time after a class, I remember sweating like I never sweated in my life. I never knew my body could even produce this much sweat. I was dripping with sweat throughout the classes, and

Even though I was probably kicking with the worst posture, jumping around in all the wrong directions, I started to have fun. My body started to enjoy it. My mind started to enjoy it too. I realised that exercising didn't have to be lonely. I didn't have to walk on the treadmill by myself, I didn't have to do anything by myself. Working out didn't have to be boring!

Since then, I started going to the gym not because I didn't to waste my money but because I actually wanted to go. I actually wanted to attend those classes! Which was a great change in mind set and I never thought I'd actually start thinking like this.. I thought I'd hate exercising forever..

After awhile, in addition to my exercise routine, I also started to watch my diet. Started off calorie counting which was going great. Later, I was introduced to counting further into my calories, to count my macro nutrients which basically just means that I'm also counting the amount of 'protein', 'fat', and 'carbs' that I'm putting into my body. Sounds like such a pain isn't it? But really it isn't.. after a while you kinda get better at balancing out your macros and it actually starts becoming fun.. It makes me feel good to know what I'm putting into my body. Of course I have slip ups.. I have slip ups all the time.. But I try not to feel too bad about and start a fresh the next day!

And then things got even better, I found an even better motivation to go to the gym and to work hard.. I've got a crush on one of the instructors at the gym ^^

Exercising has never been so FUN! hehe, for various reasons~



  1. Rei-chan I just discovered your blog O.O I didnt even know that you had one xD I first discovered your videos on youtube and I was really impressed, then i found your FB page & now I am here.. I feel like I'm in the game.. levelin up and such :P Anyway this is probably best first post that I read here.. since I am strugling with my weight and my confidence xD Lets work hard together from now on :3

  2. I hope you reach your weight goal ^^ !


  3. just remember diet is key, without the right diet, you won't see that flat tummy ;-)

    regardless of how many ab exercises you do.

  4. I wish you luck on your journey to healthy living n_n You can do it rachel! I've been a long time subscriber of your's and I've noticed the changes o u o ;; you're beautiful, always have and always will <3

  5. I would love to workout with you, haha! Exercising by myself is sometimes lonely, but I surely did enjoy the silence during my workout because it keeps me paced and focus straight ahead. But just very recently, I invited a few friends to jog with me for a few miles because I want to have fun in a different way. We are going to jog for 8 miles soon, and I bet it is going to be super fun :)! I am glad you found pleasure and happiness through the workout, Rachel. I hope I succeed in loosing weight too. >3<