Saturday, September 29, 2012

The application process

There are a gazillion things you have do in order to go on exchange..

Not to say the stacks of application forms both online and on paper, you've got the health check ups, the insane amounts of documents that need copying and certifying, the amount of passport photos you have to take.. it's actually very EXTREMELY time consuming and annoying money wise.

Yesterday I had to go to the doctors so that he could fill up a health form. In order for the doctor to actually complete the form, I had to get a blood test and a chest x-ray, which meant that I had to go get that done first, wait for the results and then come back to the doctors AGAIN. sigh. I did however manage to get all of blood and x-ray stuff done in a day though.

Doctor's appointment: $66
Blood test: free (thank you Australian government)
Chest X-Ray: $80 (I should get half of that back from private insurance)

Other than that, I still need to take 4 passport photos, collect my academic transcript, finish off the EXCHANGE application, and finish off the SCHOLARSHIP application (a totally different application to the exchange application). On top of that, I still need to deal with my everyday university studies, work to save enough money for exchange, club responsibilities, trying to keep up with my Youtube channel.. it's rather overwhelming..

I wouldn't be surprised if there were more to come..


  1. I'd say, of course, it's a exchange study so there's obviously going to be a lot things to do. But the fact that you managed to handle all of that even though it's stressful is amazing ^^

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