Saturday, January 28, 2012

SM Audition 2012 in Seoul

lololol hey guys, if you don't already know, i'm actually in korea at the moment and it so happened that the SM Global Auditions 2012 were on during my trip so i thought i'd go and give it a shot... and maybe... my time will come..? nah, to be honest it was all for the fun of it! it's kinda like i wanted to test myself.. you know, even though i've had my fair share of performing on stages and pubs and stuff, i can't help but get sooo nervous before performing and while i'm performing, and sometimes even if i'm NOT nervous, my stupid knee trembles for some weird reason. it's quite annoying really.. so i thought going for auditions in a way can help me deal with the nervousness and chill out a bit.. singing and performing is supposed to be fun!!

anyway back to the audition.. so i made my way to apgujeong station and walked around about 30mins and arrived at the SM building. not as grand as i thought.. hahaha but it was nice inside. there were a good number of people that were lining up, sitting down waiting for their turn and etc. the place was filled with posters of their idols, and on the big screen were the music videos of them too. so anyway, i went to sign up and filled in the required forms and handed it back to the lady. my number was B80.

everything was in korean and it was a hard time trying to figure things out and working out what's going on when, but luckily there was this nice girl, probably much younger than me who helped me out.

i was the last of 10 people in my group. we lined up behind another group of10 people, ready to enter the judges' room. this time round, i applied as a composer not singer, so turns out that i didn't even need to sing, meet the judges, or even enter the judging room LOL! i just handed over my demo CD that i had prepared earlier to one of the staff and was told that was it. Lolllll? so i left and that was it..? yeah. damn.. i really wanted to see the inside of the judges' room haha sigh-.

anyway, later on, after the 'audition', to celebrate my success!! haha i went for a loner lunch at this random burger place, bought myself some delicious tarts and then did tons of shopping at myeongdong and then had a bbq dinner hahaha!!! gosh! what a day!!


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  1. Hey Rei, how do you finance travelling and everything while living in Japan atm? do you have a job?